All About Ringo :D

Name: born Richard Starkey.
Birthday: 7 July 1940 (aged 71)
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Approx. 136 lbs
Favourite Colour: Red
First Band: Rory Storm and The Hurricanes.
Bands he has been in/ artists he has worked with: Rory Storm and The Hurricanes, The Beatles, Ringo and His All Starr Band,John Lennon/ The Plastic Ono Band, Paul McCartney/Wings, George Harrison/Traveling Wilburys, Ben Harper
Favourite Food: Mixed Veggies (He's a vegetarian!)
Favourite Song: "Good Golly Miss Molly"~ Little Richard
Favourite Beatles Track: Rain
Favourite Singers: was quoted says "I don't have a top ten, i have a top 10,000 songs" but especially loves: Elvis, Little Richard, Bob Dylan, Taylor Swift, Black Eyed Peas.
Other than a drummer he is a(n): actor, singer, photographer, producer, and business man.
Likes: Science Fiction
Siblings: None

Monday, May 16, 2011


Another angle of the pic above. 1966.

From Rain video. 1966.

Chatting with a fan back stage before the concert at Candlestick Park. 1966.

On holiday in Tobago. 1966.

Camera man! 1967.

Recording "Octopus's Gardens" for Abbey Road. 1969.

Abbey Road era. 1969.

Let it Be era. 1970.

With ANOTHER camera. 1969.

Just a pretty pic. 1970.

Ringo with (from left to right)- Wife Barbra Bach, Pattie Boyd (George's Ex-wife) and Cynthia Lennon (John's Ex-wife)

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